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LogisticsSimOnline Community Update - July 2022

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been a long time since we have posted any updates in regards to the project. As mentioned a few months back in our last post, it has been a lot that has been going on outside of the project that unfortunately had to take precedence over the project. As many do know, there is only one developer on the project, which is me. But some positive things did come through during this time.

So, we have made a lot of headway! As of right now, we have almost all the core features, even a slight rewrite of one of them, completed. For the past couple of months alone, I have been working on the project and trying to get the project into the ready state to go live for everyone, including myself. It has been a bit rough but we are close. So, what features do we have? Well, here are some listed below:

  • Character Creation
  • Character Exhaustion
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Load Management
  • Communications
  • And the main piece: Cargo Hauling

Now there are a few limitations currently on the game that I will provide:

  • Exhaustion Level set to 10 "hours". This may change in the near future, including before we go live.
  • Max speed on all vehicles is 72 MPH
  • We currently only have 50 locations, all currently in the US, but we are planning to increase that size after the release with additional features.
  • Mobile Device usage.
  • Screen Readers: we will continue to improve on this implementation throughout the development of the project.

So, the big question: When is this going live? Well, I am excited to say we are going to open the doors on August 1, 2022. At this point, the project is in the final steps and we plan to have the project live and accessible to everyone by the first of the month. I know I originally started this project back in Nov 2019 and it has been a rollercoaster since then. And I want to thank everyone for the support and continued interest in the project. And as mentioned before, this is not the end of the development. I have a long list of features and ideas that will be added over time to the project.

With that being said, please stay tuned as we get close to the date. We will have the official announcement posted here as well as our social media pages so you will be able to find how to join quickly. Thank you all again for the support and patience throughout the years and I can't wait to see everyone join!

Best Regards,

~ @admin

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